Good day to you. 

A comment was submitted in regard to a previous blog post asking what my favorite “go-to,” free Internet websites were when I needed gluten-free or celiac disease help or resource.  What a wonderful idea!  I wish I had thought of it originally.  So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite Internet  (free) websites I frequent.

For general help I use a search engine.  My favorite search engine is, however, you can use or (or your own favorite search engine).  My definition of “general help” is looking up a specific interest I’m looking for information on – such as “celiac and thyroid correlation,” “gluten-free barbeque sauce (product or recipe),” or “gluten-free chicken soup recipe.”  I also reference; a new all-in-one-stop gluten-free resource with recipes, restaurant information, articles, and more.

For medical help, I use the search engine(s) or  This site, while not diagnostic for your symptoms, is very helpful in regard to help you troubleshoot your illness(es).

For additional resources, I consult sites for ‘celiac disease’ and ‘gluten-free’ like the following: www.celiacsociety,, www.foodista.com,, and  You can also consult sites such as and substitute gluten-free AP flour in their recipes in a lot of cases (trial & error of course).  Some of the websites mentioned in this paragraph are from tweeters I follow.  You can find much the same resources by following others who are gluten-free in regard to Twitter.  I use these types of resources for recipes or helpful hints – as only these people can provide such information as individuals with their experience.

While I know I’ve not included all of my favorite Internet and free website resources (please forgive me in advance!), I hope this information will start you off with a launching point so you’ll be educated as you learn and research all matters celiac, coeliac and gluten-free.

Research and Educate all Celiac, Coeliac & Gluten-free.

Peace be with you.