Thanksgiving USA 2011 is in the rear-view mirror.  How was the experience?  For me, it was a great one.  It was spent at home and I was the Master of Thanksgiving Ceremony in the kitchen.  I researched every recipe so each ingredient would be gluten-free.  I bought and prepared each ingredient to make the dishes.  I served all dishes gluten-free.

How was your experience?  What successes did you have?  What, if any, “glutened” experiences did you have?  Why am I asking these questions?  Because this was the “dress-rehearsal” for the rest of the Holiday Season.  Be honest with yourself now on how well, or not, things went for you this Thanksgiving.  How you feel today, 11/25/2011, could play in how well you feel on 12/26/2011 or 01/01/2012.  These two dates do not include any other get-together dates you may have with co-workers, friends, and family within the month of December – the Holiday Season.

Are you starting to understand the implications of why such a retrospect of Thanksgiving USA 2011 is necessary for you?  The hardest part of such a retrospect is being honest with yourself.  The more emphasis you place on wanting to feel better will make it easier for you to be honest with this retrospect of Thanksgiving USA 2011 for yourself. 

If you need more control of the dining experience during the next Holidays and get-togethers – then take it.  Invite people into your home so you can be assured all is gluten-free.  If you need more control by providing more gluten-free dishes to the menu at a friend’s or family’s household – do it.  If you would like more control in regard to gluten-free at company outings at a restaurant after work – express yourself.  If a company outing is at a ‘less than ideal gluten-free’ setting, please make sure you are prepared and plan accordingly.  Eat a light snack or meal beforehand so you will be less likely to cheat.

I hope Thanksgiving USA 2011 was as successful for you as it was for me.  If not, please be honest with yourself and learn how to make changes for the rest of the Holiday Season coming upon us.  Your body, and your Family & Friends, will thank you.

Again, my mantra for gluten-free is “Research and Educate.” Research and Educate both for yourself and all who you interact with. Your survival and health depends upon it.

Peace be with you.