Gluten-Free Advice


Do you know celiac, coeliac individuals suffer un-necessarily in regard to gluten-free advice (for a price!)? Know you can search, for free, search engines for glutenfree information?  Do you know you can ‘be the hero’ with celiac, coeliac recipes while searching the internet? People want money when info is free.  Please look into. I implore you.  I have, and so should you. Thank you. 🙂

Gluten-free Potluck Advice

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Do not think as a celiac or coeliac you are “less than” in regard to your contribution to potluck submission.  Talk to co-workers and friends about gluten-free and what you and others can contribute. Know you can advocate gluten-free with your contribution. Educate others on how flavor is not compromised with gluten-free.  Your dish should reflect what you believe in as far as nutrients, enjoyment, and flavor.  Be there to educate others in regard to what “glutenfree” is.  Take care.

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