Good day to you.  I live in the United States, specifically Tampa, Florida, and I’m witnessing a renaissance in the surge of gluten-free food products in main-stream grocery stores in the last few years.  I’m seeing Betty Crocker with Bisquick, and gluten-free baking mixes, and more with recipe ideas.  I’m also seeing my local grocery store, Publix, provide an in-house product called generic product brand listing of gluten-free products.  I’m seeing gluten-free Progresso brand soups, Wolfgang Puck brand soups, Schar brand items, etc.  My, how times have changed in just a few years!  And by a “few years,” I mean the last two or three!  Isn’t this exciting?  While exciting, note some gluten-free choices are healthier than others.  Please consult with your Physician or Registered Dietitian in regard to your diet in regard to sodium, “preservative,” and other in-take.

While “ready-to-eat,” instant gluten-free food items seems to have exploded at the local grocery store, please don’t forget the “forgotten” part of your friend at the grocery store.  What, may you ask, am I referencing regarding the grocery store?  Fruits and Vegetables, Seafood, Dairy, and Meats.  These are raw, fresh items you have much control over being gluten-free.  Yes, they may cost more (we all know this diet is expensive!), but you have control over preparation with your recipes to make more healthful and nutritious for you.  Another unexpected find at your Grocery Store is the “Frozen Food Aisle.”  Use frozen veggies/ produce in off-season for favorite recipes as opposed to more expensive, imported fresh produce.  Know it may take more work to provide such yummy gluten-free dishes from scratch but that should be expected – yet more healthful.

Please research what is available to you, celiac, in the grocery store.  You could save a lot of money and not enter a “Health-food Store.”

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free.

Peace be with you.