Smell The Flours

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease last Tuesday…happy Valentine’s Day to me.  I have basically been plastered to my computer screen researching Celiac Disease(CD) and gluten-free(GF) diets for a week. I especially love reading about personal experiences. From what I gather, most people spend years and years trying to get a proper diagnosis for themselves. I feel very fortunate that I did not have to go through the pain for a long period of time. For those people who did: I call you warriors. I thought it was unbearable living with the pain and confusion for 2 months!

I definitely understand why so many people are mis-diagnosed by doctors. I would probably still be in pain if it wasn’t for the Dr.Oz Show and the internet. My obvious symptoms started about 2 months ago and became increasingly worse and worse as time went on. The worst I ever felt was after a visit to Olive Garden. I…

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