Good day to you.  It’s March, therefore it’s Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month.  Firstly, what are autoimmune diseases and what are their symptoms?  Here’s a link outlining the definition of what those autoimmune diseases are:  Additionally, here’s a great link which can help educate you in regard to autoimmune diseases and symptoms: via @NativeRemedies (!/nativeremedies).

Now that you’re aware of what autoimmune diseases are, I’d like to bring to your attention on how autoimmune disease not only affects celiacs (see associated link here:, but others with other autoimmune diseases.  What are those autoimmune diseases? Here’s a link to a short list:  Note there are many more diseases associated as autoimmune.  If you are  interested, you should look them up on the Internet via the Search Engine of your choice.

Many people think gluten has an affect on exacerbating autoimmune disease symptoms.  Here’s an example via the following link:

If you are celiac, or otherwise survive other autoimmune  diseases, please free to forward this post to educate others.  In fact, I implore you to.  Please advocate Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month – March.  Thank you.

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free – & autoimmune disease for March.

Peace be with you.