Good day to you.  You might find the title of this blog a little intriguing.  I hope it causes your curiousity to be aroused.

I define “everyday culture eating” as the following:  the majority of the human population eats whatever they want, whenever they want, and however they want.  This includes a highly regarded staple of that culture:  gluten.

How does that “highly regarded staple” called gluten relate to you, celiac?  In short, a major inconvenience.  As a result, it becomes your responsibility to be your own detective to decide which foods are ‘safe’ and which foods are ‘not safe’ to ingest.   Therefore, you are expected to read every ingredient label; contact food manufacturers; and educate yourself on whether or not a food item is gluten-free. 

That said, there’s good news!  We are in the 21st century and the “Information Age.”  Celiacs, you no longer have the excuse of saying:  “I didn’t know there was gluten in that.”  Why?  Because you have the means of researching the Internet in regard to your dietary needs.  You have the wherewithal to research gluten-free food items easily and know what is safe for you to ingest.  You also have the means to empower yourself to be on the same “playing field” as others – the “everyday culture eating.”  Gluten is not the “end all and be all” dietary ingredient item most would have you believe. 

Empower yourself, celiac, to research what is good for you and your diet.  Then, share your information with others so they may become educated as well.  There is never “too much information” one can have, or pay forward,  in regard to having a healthy gluten-free diet.

In closing, I know how difficult it can be in surviving as a celiac and maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet.  Likewise, I know it is the same for you.  Please educate, and also advocate these nuggets of knowledge as it’s the only way all of us can succeed in being celiac.

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free – and autoimmune disease awareness for March.

Peace be with you.