Good day to you.  I’ve recently been extended an invite to write a guest blog post on Ken Scheer’s blog: Rock a Healthy Lifestyle  to help raise awareness of the month of May being Celiac Awareness Month.  Ken Scheer is writing or submitting guest blogs for each day of the month of May.  I hope you check his blog out as he has great tools, information, and resources available for people surviving celiac disease and allergen issues.  Please read Ken Scheer’s introduction of me and my guest blog below:

Today is day 8 of 31 straight blog posts celebrating celiac awareness month and I would like to introduce GFDougie.  He and I got connected via Twitter about six months ago and his passion is spreading awareness and educating others about living a gluten-free lifestyle.  He’s been extremely supportive and I’m happy to add him to a very nice list of gluten-free buddies.  I hope you enjoy his story as much as I did.

My Take on Celiac Awareness Month

Good day to you.  Celiac awareness has taken me full circle in my life as a celiac disease survivor.  I’ve run the gamut as a survivor of celiac disease in not having the proper education of how to handle my celiac disease lifestyle, to blatantly cheating with gluten,  to finally coming to grips with what a celiac disease survivor is and how to live that gluten-free lifestyle successfully.

For the full guest blog post I submitted, please see the link below:

 Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free – and Celiac Disease Awareness for May.

Peace be with you.