Good day to you.  Today is Earth Day – 22 April, 2012.  Do you know why this day is celebrated?  Here’s one version of the history of how ‘this day’ came to be:  Here’s another version:

Now we are in the 21st century.  We have recycle bins and shredders for paper.  We use energy-efficient lighting.  That said, are we really recycling enough to save our planet, the Earth?  I think not and here’s one reason why:  Massive food companies are allowing the marketing of single-serving plastic containers which are then thrown into our landfills after a single use.  How much plastic is thrown into our landfills?  Here’s one marker for you:  36 Billion single-serve water bottles end up in our landfills each year (source unknown).  In my personal opinion I’ve seen a continued increase in the past ten years of single-serving food items like gelatin desserts, frozen microwave meals, fruit snacks, and the like.   Single-serve packaging continues to clog our landfills without check or legislation. 

Here’s another Earth Day shock point for you:  Glass does not decompose in our landfills.  There are many other items which do not decompose in our landfills for various reasons.  Please reference this link for more info:  Because these and many other items do not decompose in our landfills; we are causing a never-ending cycle of pollution, using up the finite number of resources Earth has, and affecting other Citizens of Earth, her animals.

I think we all can do our part to celebrate Earth Day everyday.


Renew, Reuse, and Recycle.  Peace be with you.