Product Review: Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery Tortillas (Wraps)

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Good day to you.  I recently approached Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery and inquired if they had any gluten-free samples available.  In their response to me they stated they did and asked me if I would be interested in their gluten-free tortillas.  Since I’ve been searching for a gluten-free, high-quality, tasty wrap for quite a while now I immediately said “Yes!”  The above pictures are what I received.

Here are the products I received in further detail:

Rudi’s Gluten-free Fiesta Tortillas

Ingredients:  Whole Grain Flours (Sorghum, Brown Rice, Corn, Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Teff), Corn Starch, Tapioca Flour, Rice Flour, Water, Canola Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Evaporated Cane Juice, Cultured Dextrose and Maltodextrin, Salt, Baking Powder (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch), Guar Gum, Malic Acid, Red Bell Pepper Powder, Jalepeno Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Carrot Granules, Parsley Flakes, Apple Cider Vinegar, Active Dry Yeast

* non-GMO, expellor pressed

Produced in a facility that also uses soy.


Rudi’s Gluten-free Plain Tortillas

Ingredients:  Whole Grain Flours (Sorghum, Brown Rice, Corn, Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Teff), Corn Starch, Tapioca Flour, Rice Flour, Water, Canola Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Evaporated Cane Juice, Cultured Dextrose and Maltodextrin, Salt, Guar Gum, Baking Powder (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch), Malic Acid, Active Dry Yeast, Apple Cider Vinegar

* non-GMO, expellor pressed

Produced in a facility that also uses soy.


Rudi’s Gluten-free Spinach Tortillas

Ingredients:  Whole Grain Flours (Sorghum, Brown Rice, Corn, Amaranth, Quinoa, Millet, Teff), Corn Starch, Tapioca Flour, Rice Flour, Water, Canola Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Spinach Powder, Evaporated Cane Juice, Cultured Dextrose and Maltodextrin, Salt, Baking Powder (Monocalcium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Corn Starch), Guar Gum, Dried Cilantro Leaves, Malic Acid, Garlic Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Active Dry Yeast

* non-GMO, expellor pressed

Produced in a facility that also uses soy.

Since I’ve been searching for a gluten-free, ready-made wrap for quite a while now you can imagine my excitement and anticipation in receiving Rudi’s samples.  They came through with flying colors as their samples arrived to me via 2nd day UPS!  That, my friends, is Customer Service!

Upon receiving their samples, I opened the one package which intrigued me the most – the Fiesta Tortillas.  I like spice.  I took a nibble and could taste the hint of the Southwest (USA), yet not overpowering.  With this wrap, I made a gluten-free smoked turkey deli meat, cheese, and lettuce wrap with mayonnaise.  It was awesome!  The wrap did not crack or break.  The wrap’s texture wasn’t dry or “over-powering” in my mouth.  It was “a wrap!”  I’m so excited to have found a new option for packing a gluten-free lunch or having an easy dinner if I don’t want to cook!  Here’s a picture of the start of my lunch today:



I will be a returning Customer of Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery in regard to Tortillas and hope you will consider them for your personal gluten-free options in the matter of convenience and natural ingredients they use.  They have a great product in regard to their tortillas and I will try others of theirs.

If you would like to contact Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery yourself, here’s the contact information I have:  Via Website:  http://www.rudisglutenfree.com/.  Via Twitter:  Rudi’s Gluten-Free.  Via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rudisglutenfreebakery?ref=ts

Disclaimer:  While Rudi’s Gluten-free Bakery provided me with these free gluten free products, I was under no obligation to review them, if I so chose.  Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.  I was not compensated to provide a testimonial of their products.

I hope this product review helps you with your own personal decisions in regard to a gluten-free diet and products available to you.

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free.  Explore new gluten-free products and see if they’ll help you with your nutritional lifestyle.

Peace be with you.

Are You in a Celiac Menu Food Rut?


Good day to you.  Many of us live fast-paced lives which causes us to put an important part of our lives, eating, on the back burner of priorities.  This causes a lot of us to purchase the same food items week-to-week and not exploit the many nutritional food choices out there.  For celiac disease survivors this can be especially problematic as nutrition is more important due to eating gluten prior to diagnosis causing malabsorption issues

So how do you raise the priority of creating nutritional meals with variety without compromising any other aspect of your life?  In my experience, I think you can accomplish this in many ways.  Initially, however, I feel you should outline a plan for yourself on paper by answering these questions:

  • How often do I want or need to go to the various food markets I shop at?
  • Do I shop for food items based upon sales advertisements?
  • Do I shop for food items based upon coupons I’ve collected?
  • How many specialized diets (i.e. gluten-free, non-dairy, vegetarian, etc.) am I shopping for?
  • Do I have specific food item cravings often?
  • How much time can I dedicate to cooking each meal?

There may be additional questions you may need to ask yourself depending on your personal and family  lifestyle.  Feel free to write those down with corresponding responses as well.

Now, what do you do with this information?  The information you gathered may be used in several ways.  I would start by setting up your grocery shopping to be the same day every week or however often you need to go to the markets.  Pick the day when your grocer has published new sales advertisements, for example.  By going the same day you are establishing a routine.  This routine will ultimately allow you to “schedule” yourself time to create the grocery lists of food items you need the day before.

Why do I mention scheduling time for yourself to create your grocery lists on the day before you do your food shopping?  So you can make a food plan, or create a menu, for the coming week or other time duration until the next grocery shopping day.  Remember the questions you answered above?  Based upon those responses, you can make outlines of what you’ll need to purchase on grocery shopping day.

Now here’s the bonus, positive part of creating a menu for yourself and your family.  This is the part where you can pull yourself out of your “menu food rut!”  Remember I recommended you “schedule” the day before grocery shopping to create your grocery lists?  Well, if you are creating a menu, then you can find new and interesting foods and recipes to try so you are not purchasing the same foods over and over!  If you are a celiac survivor, you can also take this time to confirm “new to you” food items needed are gluten-free.  When you have planned your menu, guess what?  You now have a stress-free grocery list with no forgotten items!

By creating menu plans and then grocery lists, you are guaranteeing yourself and your family variety, nutrition, and health. 

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free.

Peace be with you.

An Unexpected Friend, Celiac – The Grocery Store

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Good day to you.  I live in the United States, specifically Tampa, Florida, and I’m witnessing a renaissance in the surge of gluten-free food products in main-stream grocery stores in the last few years.  I’m seeing Betty Crocker with Bisquick, and gluten-free baking mixes, and more with recipe ideas.  I’m also seeing my local grocery store, Publix, provide an in-house product called generic product brand listing of gluten-free products.  I’m seeing gluten-free Progresso brand soups, Wolfgang Puck brand soups, Schar brand items, etc.  My, how times have changed in just a few years!  And by a “few years,” I mean the last two or three!  Isn’t this exciting?  While exciting, note some gluten-free choices are healthier than others.  Please consult with your Physician or Registered Dietitian in regard to your diet in regard to sodium, “preservative,” and other in-take.

While “ready-to-eat,” instant gluten-free food items seems to have exploded at the local grocery store, please don’t forget the “forgotten” part of your friend at the grocery store.  What, may you ask, am I referencing regarding the grocery store?  Fruits and Vegetables, Seafood, Dairy, and Meats.  These are raw, fresh items you have much control over being gluten-free.  Yes, they may cost more (we all know this diet is expensive!), but you have control over preparation with your recipes to make more healthful and nutritious for you.  Another unexpected find at your Grocery Store is the “Frozen Food Aisle.”  Use frozen veggies/ produce in off-season for favorite recipes as opposed to more expensive, imported fresh produce.  Know it may take more work to provide such yummy gluten-free dishes from scratch but that should be expected – yet more healthful.

Please research what is available to you, celiac, in the grocery store.  You could save a lot of money and not enter a “Health-food Store.”

Research, educate, and advocate all celiac and gluten-free.

Peace be with you.

Retrospect of Thanksgiving USA 2011 – Gluten-free


Thanksgiving USA 2011 is in the rear-view mirror.  How was the experience?  For me, it was a great one.  It was spent at home and I was the Master of Thanksgiving Ceremony in the kitchen.  I researched every recipe so each ingredient would be gluten-free.  I bought and prepared each ingredient to make the dishes.  I served all dishes gluten-free.

How was your experience?  What successes did you have?  What, if any, “glutened” experiences did you have?  Why am I asking these questions?  Because this was the “dress-rehearsal” for the rest of the Holiday Season.  Be honest with yourself now on how well, or not, things went for you this Thanksgiving.  How you feel today, 11/25/2011, could play in how well you feel on 12/26/2011 or 01/01/2012.  These two dates do not include any other get-together dates you may have with co-workers, friends, and family within the month of December – the Holiday Season.

Are you starting to understand the implications of why such a retrospect of Thanksgiving USA 2011 is necessary for you?  The hardest part of such a retrospect is being honest with yourself.  The more emphasis you place on wanting to feel better will make it easier for you to be honest with this retrospect of Thanksgiving USA 2011 for yourself. 

If you need more control of the dining experience during the next Holidays and get-togethers – then take it.  Invite people into your home so you can be assured all is gluten-free.  If you need more control by providing more gluten-free dishes to the menu at a friend’s or family’s household – do it.  If you would like more control in regard to gluten-free at company outings at a restaurant after work – express yourself.  If a company outing is at a ‘less than ideal gluten-free’ setting, please make sure you are prepared and plan accordingly.  Eat a light snack or meal beforehand so you will be less likely to cheat.

I hope Thanksgiving USA 2011 was as successful for you as it was for me.  If not, please be honest with yourself and learn how to make changes for the rest of the Holiday Season coming upon us.  Your body, and your Family & Friends, will thank you.

Again, my mantra for gluten-free is “Research and Educate.” Research and Educate both for yourself and all who you interact with. Your survival and health depends upon it.

Peace be with you.

Gluten-free Website Resources – Free!

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Good day to you. 

A comment was submitted in regard to a previous blog post asking what my favorite “go-to,” free Internet websites were when I needed gluten-free or celiac disease help or resource.  What a wonderful idea!  I wish I had thought of it originally.  So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite Internet  (free) websites I frequent.

For general help I use a search engine.  My favorite search engine is www.bing.com, however, you can use www.dogpile.com or www.google.com (or your own favorite search engine).  My definition of “general help” is looking up a specific interest I’m looking for information on – such as “celiac and thyroid correlation,” “gluten-free barbeque sauce (product or recipe),” or “gluten-free chicken soup recipe.”  I also reference www.stuffed-pepper.com; a new all-in-one-stop gluten-free resource with recipes, restaurant information, articles, and more.

For medical help, I use the search engine(s) or www.webmd.com.  This site, while not diagnostic for your symptoms, is very helpful in regard to help you troubleshoot your illness(es).

For additional resources, I consult sites for ‘celiac disease’ and ‘gluten-free’ like the following: www.celiacsociety, www.glutenfreerecipebox.com, www.foodista.comhttp://blog.JulesGlutenFree.com, www.glutenfreeworks.com, and www.cureceliacdisease.org.  You can also consult sites such as www.bettycrocker.com/recipes and substitute gluten-free AP flour in their recipes in a lot of cases (trial & error of course).  Some of the websites mentioned in this paragraph are from tweeters I follow.  You can find much the same resources by following others who are gluten-free in regard to Twitter.  I use these types of resources for recipes or helpful hints – as only these people can provide such information as individuals with their experience.

While I know I’ve not included all of my favorite Internet and free website resources (please forgive me in advance!), I hope this information will start you off with a launching point so you’ll be educated as you learn and research all matters celiac, coeliac and gluten-free.

Research and Educate all Celiac, Coeliac & Gluten-free.

Peace be with you.


Gluten-free Diet – Cheating vs. Accidental “Glutening”


I feel there are two methods of “getting glutened” I think most everyone will agree takes place.  One method is the conscious, blatent cheating and the other is the accidental ingestion of gluten.

Let’s take a closer look at conscious, blatent cheating. I feel there are a few reasons for taking this stance in regard to celiac disease.  The most obvious one for me is denial – especially if you find you have no “obvious” symptoms once gluten is ingested.  Another reason for cheating could be a lack of discipline.  Maybe some fear the gluten-free diet will be “too hard or too inconvenient” to follow?  Another excuse could  possibly be “a gluten-free diet is too expensive.”  In regard to all four reasons listed previously, all should be out-weighed with one simple counter-argument: your Life.  Research has clearly shown celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder which affects many organs and systems within your body.  From digestive system to skin to brain to internal organs – gluten affects a lot within you.  Once systems and organs are continually compromised over time, they give out.  Yes, you know the end result.

In regard to the occasional accidental “glutening,” this is an issue as well.  While I know it happens to the best of us, it should give us all pause to be more diligent in how we treat our bodies.  An old adage comes to mind in regard to this – “two steps forward, one step back.”

Now for the “Good News!”  We are in the 21st Century and the Information Age.  We have the Internet.  Search ‘search engines (such as Bing, Dogpile, Google)’ like this:  “gluten free barbeque sauce.”  Result? http://glutenfreecooking.about.com/b/2008/06/22/gluten-free-bbq-sauce.htm.  You can do searches like this all day long and be gluten-free successfully.  You can also search for specific gluten-free recipes and menus.  You can follow gluten-free people on Twitter and request advice and ask questions.  You can look up restaurants to see if they have gluten-free menus on-line and print, if necessary.  There is no end in sight in regard to the gluten-free information you can pull off the Internet and use to your benefit.  Consume and absorb the information available to you.

At the end of the day, please know you all have many people who love and cherish each and everyone of you.  Therefore, love yourself as much as they do and take care of yourself.  Noone can take care of you better than you.  My mantra continues to be “Research and Educate.”  Peace be with you.

The Holidays – Gluten-free


Ahh! The Holiday Season is nearly upon us.  Thanksgiving, the “hustle bustle,” crazy shopping malls, going to Grandma’s house … and … the Food. This last mention is what stresses us the most – the Food.  Corporate Holiday parties, going to Family homes, Potlucks at work and social groups – how do we survive it all?

We survive it all by researching and educating ourselves.  In regard to Corporate Holiday parties – find out who the caterer or food provider is. Find out what the menu is and what your options are. If options will be limited, eat a snack or a light meal beforehand so you will not be tempted to cheat because you’re starving (don’t say you haven’t done that!).  In regard to travelling to Family homes – yes, they may know you are gluten-free, but they may not know cross-contamination issues.  They may assume you can “separate food from the crust.”  They mean well, but few more than you know how serious celiac disease is.  Again, obtain the menu and lay out a map for yourself in regard to how you will eat.  Offer to bring a substantial dish, if possible.  Plan, plan, plan – I cannot say that enough.  In regard to Potlucks – most of the time there is a “sign-up sheet” with names corresponding to what they are bringing.  A couple of days before the event, the sign-up sheet should be about finalized.  Get with other members of the potluck and ask questions about their food items.  Ask for brand names of bottled sauces they’ll be using and then research on your own to verify if gluten-free.  If possible, suggest gluten-free items they may use so you can eat their food item.  That said, you are walking a tight-rope here.  Don’t expect others to cater to you and bring food items “just for you.”  You are one of many – this goes for all Public food events you attend.

While it won’t be easy, you can survive the Holiday Season and be gluten-free.  The two biggest words you will need to remember are “research” and “plan.”  I wish you Luck and know you can do it.

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